Conditional Prices

Conditional Prices module is designed to empower you with unparalleled control over your appointment booking pricing. With this comprehensive and highly customizable feature, you can now adjust your appointment prices based on specific conditions, enabling you to create dynamic pricing strategies tailored to your business needs. 

Campaign Duration

Start Date and End Date: Define the start and end dates for your pricing campaigns, allowing you to run time-limited promotions or adjust prices during specific periods.

Types of Conditional Prices

Addition: Increase the appointment prices based on specific conditions.

Discount: Apply a discount to the appointment prices based on specific conditions.

Amount Type

Percentage: Set a percentage value to adjust the appointment prices.

Fixed Value: Apply a fixed amount to modify the appointment prices.

Comprehensive Conditions

  • Service: Set conditions based on specific services chosen by your clients.
  • Staff: Apply pricing adjustments depending on the staff member selected for the appointment.
  • Service Extra: Modify prices based on the additional services or extras chosen by clients.
  • Day of Appointment Date: Adjust prices based on the day of the appointment date (e.g., weekdays, weekends).
  • Month of Appointment Date: Set conditions based on the month of the appointment date.
  • Weekday of Appointment Date: Fine-tune prices based on the weekday of the appointment date.
  • Payment Method: Apply specific pricing rules based on the payment method selected by clients.
  • Is Deposit Payment: Modify prices depending on whether a deposit payment has been made.
  • Bring People Count: Adjust prices based on the number of people clients plan to bring to the appointment.
  • Appointment Count: Set conditions based on the number of appointments clients have booked with the multi-booking feature (Cart step).
  • Appointment Duration (min): Modify prices depending on the duration of the appointment.
  • Appointment Start Time: Fine-tune prices based on the specific start time of the appointment.
  • Appointment End Time: Apply pricing adjustments based on the specific end time of the appointment.
  • Appointment Date: Set conditions based on the specific date of the appointment.
  • Custom Form Choices: Modify prices based on the choices clients make on custom forms.

Limitless Combinations

  • When the number of booked people exceeds six, apply a 20% discount to the appointment price.
  • Increase the appointment price by $10 for appointments scheduled after 10:00 AM.
  • Apply a 15% discount to appointments booked on weekdays between 2:00 PM and 5:00 PM.
  • Increase the price by $5 when booking an appointment with the “Senior Stylist” staff member.
  • Apply a 5% discount when paying with PayPal.


The Conditional Prices Module

offers you endless possibilities to create sophisticated pricing rules. Unlock the full potential of your pricing strategy with "Conditional Prices" and watch your business thrive. By tailoring your prices based on specific conditions, you can attract more customers, drive conversions, and maximize revenue.

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