Google Calendar

The Google Calendar Sync feature facilitates a seamless integration between your Google Calendar and the Bookinger online appointment system. This synchronization ensures that appointments and events are reflected in real-time across both platforms, allowing users to manage their schedules efficiently and avoid scheduling conflicts.

Detailed Analysis with Charts

Instant Google Calendar Sync

Upon receiving or approving new appointment requests, they're instantly saved on your Google Calendar.

Google Calendar Icon

Appointments added via Google Calendar have a distinct icon for easy identification.

Two-Way Sync

Integration ensures changes made on either platform (Google Calendar or Bookinger) are reflected on the other.

Color Coordination

Event colors in Google Calendar appear the same way in the Bookinger Calendar.

Automatic Rescheduling/Removal

Adjustments made to appointments in Bookinger (rescheduling, cancellations) are instantly mirrored on Google Calendar and vice versa.

Keyword Enhancement

Enhance the details of Google Calendar events using specific keywords for better information representation.

Staff Calendar Flexibility

Each staff member can have their unique Google Calendar linked.

Staff can personally link their Google Calendar to their Bookinger profile.

Option to create separate calendars within one Google account for different staff.

Capability to assign the same Google Calendar to multiple staff members, sharing their availabilities.

Add to Google Calendar option

Once your clients have completed their appointments, they can add their appointments to the Google Calendar with the Add to Google Calendar option. Thus, they can easily watch their appointments on their mobile phones.

The Google Calendar Sync feature

If you're used to Google Calendar, now you can effectively manage your schedule with a shared calendar.

A powerful set-and-forget booking calendar for your business

Effortlessly manage appointments, reduce no-shows, and elevate your client experience – all in one intuitive platform.