Do you need/want to sell extra service products during your client booking? This module allows you to offer extra services to your customers during the appointment process.

Upsells Module

Lets you advertise

and sell your products related to the client's service during the booking process

Increases your total sale

simplifies your check-out, and allows you to concentrate on servicing the client instead of product sales.

With this feature, you can let your clients choose some extra service upon booking. This could be like letting them add that medicines or self-care products that can be helpful for their health or that can increase the effectiveness of the self-care service you gave them. Extra Services feature will boost your sales by 10-20% without raising any prices at your service.

The Upsells module

With this module, your customers can select the service specified during their appointment and choose the extra services in the Service Extras step. Then, they purchase both the service and the extra at the end of the booking process.

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