Whatsapp & SMS Reminders

You can send any notifications to your customers through the WhatsApp or SMS notifications system. The customer can receive instant WhatsApp or SMS notifications about the date and time of the appointment when they make an appointment from your website. This service will be handy for strengthening your contact with your customers by raising the quality of service you provide.

The type of WhatsApp and/or SMS notifications can also vary depending on your business system. Let’s say you have many staff members at different business locations. Customers also can make an appointment with these staff members. In this case, you may need to send WhatsApp messages to both your customers and staff members. In this sense, the Bookinger notification settings offer you exactly the system you need.

You can send WhatsApp or SMS notifications

...when a new appointment is added

You can send a predefined email message when a customer makes a reservation. So you are up to date with all bookings.

...when the appointment is rescheduled

Notifications are sent to your and the customer's phone number when the client or staff member changes the appointment date through the client panel and the staff admin panel as well. This will notify you of any changes made through Bookinger.

...when a new customer is created

You can send a notification whenever a new customer is created. If a customer makes an appointment on your website for the first time, a random password is generated and sent to the customer via notifications if the proper setting is activated on the settings.

...N minutes after the appointment (reminder)

After the appointment, you can send any notifications to the addresses you specified previously. Using this form of notification, you may get feedback on your client appointments and enhance the quality of your business.

...N minutes before the appointment (reminder)

Here you can send reminders to your email address with any possible configuration. For example, send an SMS notification to the customer 1 hour before the appointment starts.

...when an appointment is canceled or status changed

You will be notified with the WhatsApp or SMS notification when the client changes the status of an appointment or cancels from the client panel. Also, changes you made through the admin panel will also notify the relevant individuals.

Whatsapp & SMS Reminders

This feature will be handy for strengthening your contact with your customers by raising the quality of service you provide.

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